Paris, Part 1

Oh, Paris. 💌

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Paris is known as “la ville lumière” or, the city of light. Both because of its leading role during the age of enlightenment, but more literally because Paris was one of the first European cities to adopt gas street lighting. 💡

Paris is a city that inspires music, awakens poetry and breathes in love stories. 💕

Cobblestone streets leading to hidden gardens, musicians pouring their hearts out in every corner, most hoping to inspire something or someone.😌

Tourists and locals alike experiencing a true joie de vivre; perhaps, even for the first time.

My mom had always dreamed about going to Paris.  She lived vicariously through me when she surprised me with a trip to Europe after I graduated college.  Then again when I went for my 5 year wedding anniversary. 💕

She knew there was something very special about Paris and so did I.

I knew that each time I visited Paris, I felt a little bit more alive.  Alive in a way that awakened ALL of my senses.  💗 Paris is, after all, unlike any other place on earth.

Paris - Ellies Pics-84
The phenomenal Louis Artson playing the streets of Paris

When Michael and I decided to take this Sabbatical, we also decided we would take our moms to Paris.  What better time than now, to embark on such a long awaited and special trip. 😍

Elated, both of our moms gave a resounding YES! So, off we went!

It was about a year ago that we embarked on a magical adventure together and the only thing we wished more, was that we would have done it sooner. 💕

The four of us shared an AirBnB in the centre of Paris. The neighborhood, Ile St. Louis.  A very quaint 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom flat nestled among chic restaurants, scrumptious bakeries, a cool jazz bar and very near to the historic Seine River. 🥰

If you’ve ever watched the movie Amélie, this part will sound very familiar.

If you haven’t… think very curious, innocent and adventurous girls searching for an  answer🧐.

Ellie and Marleen were set on being roommates.

They coordinated which side of the bed they preferred, their shower schedules, what time they would be waking up and when they would go to sleep. 😴 Both being planners, they planned as much as they could.

Everything… except for the mysterious robber outside the courtyard window.🤭

Our flat was located in the middle of a 4 story building, equipped with secured doors and windows, and by secure, I mean metal shutters (standard in the centre of Paris). Also, did I mention we were staying in a very nice neighborhood in the city? 🗼

The rest, I will try to recount to the best of my ability…

“Did you hear that?”  Ellie rolled over to wake up Marleen.

“I’ve been awake for a while… and yes, I heard that!” responded Marleen.

Scrambling out of bed and throwing on their robes, Ellie & Marleen decide that it’s a good idea to scout this very sketchy situation, in the dark, without waking us up first.  🤫

Next thing we know, Marleen is running up the stairs yelling…

“There’s someone out there and we think they’re trying to break in!”

What??? Ok! What???

to be continued…

From Paris, with ❤️ love.

XX — 💋S

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