THE Movie Montage!

When you finally reach the stage of “Well, why not? … Why not us and WHY NOT NOW?!?”  It’s suuuuper exciting! 🤩

It feels like a quick rush of adrenaline to the heart ❤️.

Your thoughts start to run wild… ok… ok … We’re quitting our jobs! We’re selling everything and we’re off to see the world!! YAY!!! 🤗

Hollywood Overlook - MR In the Hollywood version of this story, there would be a movie montage 📽 … you know… your favorite song playing in the background, followed by snippets of funny moments, close ups of emotional faces, wide shots of our messy apartment and… B roll for days ☀️🌊🌇.

It would show me holding back tears, as my boss proposes a toast 🥂 at our favorite sushi place during my farewell lunch (I miss Sugar Fish already!) 😭 My co-workers, walking into my office in downtown Los Angeles, with reasons why I shouldn’t leave (I had a window!) 🌇

Back at our apartment, Michael shaking his head in disbelief, as I try to fit 20 pairs of shoes into a carry-on suitcase 😂 (ROFL).

Then… it would pan into our moving sale, Everything Must Go!

Afterwards, it would show Michael & I, standing on the balcony of our empty Penthouse apartment, looking out at the bustling city skyline. 🌃

fullsizerender Finally, it would show us driving off into the sunset (of course) … Niko (the Maltese) & Sofia Loren (the Yorkie), their furry faces reflecting off the side mirror of my 2006 Audi… 🐶❤️🐶

And then Michael, leaning over to kiss me while whispering: “bubby … we’re really doing this!” 😍 😘💋 🎬 END SCENE.

Sigh…. ALL OF THIS… packed into a 3-minute movie montage!

AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Pretty funny huh?

Unfortunately for us, life isn’t a movie and things just aren’t that simple… It’s taken months of planning, years of saving money 💰 and the careful nurturing of a seed that was planted, long before the first Sabbatical conversation 🤔.

If you want to learn more about our journey, keep reading! 👍🏽 I promise… it may change your life…

From L.A., With Love ❤️

Xx- 💋S

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