To Sell, To Gift or To Donate (part 2)

Someone very wise once asked me: why not let someone else enjoy the things you no longer have use for? 🤔

What a concept… we all have things we no longer want (or need), things that happen to be the exact thing someone else is looking for…

Things that could help them create their own happy memories! 👏🏽

(For more on the advantages of “cleaning house”, please check out Marie Kondo’s book- The life changing magic of tidying up. It may change your life!)

As we sorted through our material belongings,  we knew our friends and family would like certain items, items that would help them think of us… paintings, pictures, books.

I knew my girlfriends would certainly appreciate “storing” shoes for me and that those extra pieces of jewelry would look beautifully on my mom, nieces and sister in law. 😍

But what about the things that are worn out, clothes that don’t fit anyone you know, used pots and pans, old sheets, towels, etc.??

I’ve never been the type to throw stuff out, I’ve always believed in the old adage of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  😉

So… I set out to find the perfect home for everything 🙂

Sabbatical Donate Blog-1

#1:  Used Household Items: Homeless shelters that also provide temporary housing services are constantly looking for household items to furnish their homes with.

First of all, if you’ve ever seen Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you’ll notice that security and shelter are part of the foundation, the basic needs of human being survival.

Image result for maslow's hierarchy of needs

Second, people that have been living on the streets don’t have pots & pans, or dishes, forks, knives, kitchen towels, measuring spoons, etc…

So, we decided to store our key kitchen gadgets and then donated the rest to Shields for Families.   Scheduling a pick-up was fairly simple and we ended up filling up a whole box truck!

#2 Used Clothing/Shoes/Toiletries: Some programs that help at-risk youth also aim to provide resources like mental health services, residential treatment services and job placement counseling.  I had a whole wardrobe of business attire (that no longer fit me) 🙃 along with a collection of sample sized toiletries that could last me months! I was able to drop everything off at the main office for Aviva, and knew that my lil’ business suits would help a young woman feel confident during her interview! #girlpower 👭

#3 Old Sheets, Towels, Worn Out Blankets: You look at them and think… ewwwww… I can’t donate these! 😳 Well, actually… you can!!!

Dog shelters are in constant need of “bedding” for their rescue pups, and while those furry babies will not care if there are stains, rips, discolorations, etc., they certainly will love being able to keep dry and warm 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️ I am very lucky to have an angel in my family, who dedicates part of her time to volunteering at Big Bones Rescue, where I was able to ship these items to.

Big Bones Rescue Sign


In the end, the easy thing to do is to throw it out or to take it all to the Salvation Army, but then your things may simply end up “in a pile.”

I like knowing that maybe, just maybe… a few people (or pups) are getting enjoyment out of something I once valued.

For a list of charities in your area, you can check out Charity Navigator, a comprehensive website that can help you become an informed donor, by showing you relevant statistics on many non-profit organizations. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

From L.A., With Love❤️

XX- 💋S

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