Life on The Road

Everyone seems to have their own idea of what RV life is like, 🤔 and because the concept doesn’t seem to match the subject, this tends to throw people off a bit.

Our go to lines have become:

It’s like a tiny house on wheels OR, you know those really big tour buses?  It’s probably not AT ALL what you would expect. 🚌

Traveling full time and living in an RV is somewhat different than what I had in mind myself.  In reality, we’ve all sort of been preconditioned to think a certain way about people, places and even things.🧐


It has definitely taken a bit to get used to, but just like a new apartment, we’ve found ourselves feeling right at home much sooner than we thought. 🤗

Day 1: A melancholy goodbye started us off on our journey from West Texas to the West Coast.

Michael chose Oliver Lee State Park– in Alamagordo, New Mexico– for our first RV stay.  A quaint, yet picturesque setting to get us inspired 😌 of what the outdoors had in store for us.

Oliver Lee State Park, Alamagordo, NM

This beauty did not come without a beast… you see, in order to optimize your RV living experience, you need to be on level ground… 🤔 this is not something you think about in your ordinary day to day basis; however, RV life is all about being level! ⚖️

Needless to say, it took us about 2 hours to figure out the “automatic leveling button” was not going to do the job atop a sloped dirt site on the hill. 😂 A sleepless night, researching how many degrees our refrigerator could be tilted by, while still functioning, followed.

We survived that night.  No plug ins, restless and worried, asking ourselves, did we make the right decision?

Then… White Sands happened!

This enchanting 😍 place exists in the southwest portion of the country near the Mexico/US border.

The white sands are actually composed of gypsum crystals and this magical white field of dunes is the largest of its kind on planet Earth. 👏🏽

The National Park is open year-round, but best time to visit is Spring/Fall.  It’s a wonderful place for families, couples, campers, adventurers and 🤩dreamers.

Things with the RV have only gotten easier since that week.👍🏽

Michael & I are patiently learning all the little quirks that make this experience both challenging and worthwhile.👏🏽

One thing is for sure, I was pleasantly surprised by White Sands and truly can’t wait to see what life on the road has in store for us.😉

From White Sands, with Love ❤️

XX- 💋S

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