The Business of Life.

A good friend said the other day: “Good for you for taking care of the business of life!” Hmmn… 🤔 I think she was referring to the decision to quit our corporate jobs!

It seems the responses we get when telling people about this Sabbatical varies only slightly.

Most are thrilled, 👏🏽 some are a bit confused 🤷🏻‍♀️, but everyone seems genuinely happy for us.

Michael and I worked in corporate America for about 10 years, both incredibly ambitious, wide eyed and ready to conquer the world. 💪🏽

If you were to read our yearbook quotes, you’d think to yourself… “there they were, they accomplished what they set out to do… Well, at least in their 20’s and early 30’s!” 😂

As far as the business of work goes, we were on track…  Michael was already a VP 😬 We were good.  Scratch that-  we were great at our jobs- 🤗 and we enjoyed what we did.

BUT, there was always that little voice, lurking behind the success… asking…  is there more to life?? 🧐

Fast forward to now… and the business of life means listening to your body and mind… and truly making them a priority.

Back then, we would go to the doctor, only when we had to.  We lied to ourselves when we were sick… 🤢 “it’s OK, if I stay home,  I’ll do housework anyway, might as well go into the office, don’t want to get behind.”

We told ourselves things like: “I don’t have time to relax; there’s just too much work to do.”  🤫 How about getting a massage?  HA! Wishful thinking huh??

Why is taking care of ourselves so unimportant? 😔

When you fly, the flight attendant always reads the same message: “In case of an emergency… your oxygen masks will drop… always secure your own mask, before assisting others.” 😵

Why do you think this warrants the best case scenario?  Well… because, we can not take care of anyone else, until we’re taken care of.   We can not feed anyone else, until our pantry is full. 🤕 How can you pour from an empty cup?


The “need” to live fully should take precedent over the “have to’s” of every day life.

SO… go get a massage! (Hint: if you live in Western Colorado, you must visit Dancing Flower Massage, a-mazing does not even describe this gem 😍.

Be proud of taking care of yourself.  Know that you will come out of this a happier person; and in turn, you will make others significantly happier 🤗.

Drive around blasting your favorite song.  Sing off the tops of your lungs, just because.  😜

Do the things that make you…. YOU!

The business of life should be no business at all.  It should be fun, it should be about surrender, freedom, vivacity, spirit… and the will… to be happy 😆.

From Here, With Love ❤️

XX- 💋S

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