A Helping Hand.

One of the many reasons I wanted to take this Sabbatical was to really focus on what I’m most passionate about. 😍 Traveling, spending time with family, writing and of course volunteering.

Animals, especially dogs 🐶 and elephants 🐘 , are very dear to my heart.

Those who know Michael and I, also know our pups, Niko and Sofia Loren.

They’ve had the pleasure of their fuzzy company, enjoyed endless kisses 😘 and been engulfed by the kind of love you can only get from such loyal little creatures.

File Jan 19, 3 17 50 PM

Look into their eyes long enough and you can see their universe reflecting back at you. ♥️♥️♥️

Unfortunately, not all pups have it made like Niko & Sofia do; there are many furry souls that are left abandoned & mistreated, the lucky ones ending up at no-kill shelters, given another chance to live and love again. 😢

This summer, I had the pleasure of volunteering at Big Bones Rescue,  an experience that was both ♥️heart wrenching and ♥️heart warming at the same time.

It all started with Hurricane Harvey in Texas, hundreds of dogs were abandoned or separated from their parents.

Michael’s sister, Kristen, volunteers – scratch that- works, at this dog rescue on her free time.  🙌🏽 She was expecting a transport filled with rescue pups, some coming from Texas, the same day we were arriving for a week long visit.

Big Bones Rescue Sign

She didn’t hesitate to ask and we didn’t hesitate to lend our helping hands. 🤝

I had worked with pups before, just not in this capacity.  My heart 💓 pounded as the sliding doors of the white transport van opened.

I questioned myself… was I big enough, strong enough to handle a scared pup? 😰

Would I get scratched or even worst, bitten? … would I break down in tears?

All of this quickly disappeared as I was handed a frail boxer, barely able to stand, but still wagging his tail, happy to see a friendly face. 😌 We walked around, I spoke softly but cheered him on to go pottie.  I gave him as much love 💕 as I could in the short 10 minutes we were together and then put him in his crate.

The next week was filled with fostering a puppy, potty training, cleaning crates, mixing food, administering medications and giving out as many massages and 💋💋kisses before my allergies took over.

Did I mention I’m actually allergic to dogs ☹️

We’ve all heard the old 17th century proverb actions speak louder than words– meaning, people often say things they do not intend to follow through with.  But, what if we looked at words as intentions?  The inspiration leading us to act…🧐

What if my words inspire someone else to… do.  🤨

Well, this is the goal of this blog after all 😉

From Here, with Love ❤️!

XX- 💋S

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