The Intent is to Flow…

When we started this Sabbatical, we told ourselves to keep an open mind and flow with whatever the universe brought us💮.

So much of our lives were spent on a schedule – not only filled by our 9 to 5 careers – but also needing to constantly sync up our calendars 📆 to even make plans with friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having a plan!

Living in L.A., you always need to… at least around 🚘 traffic!  But I would find myself waking up in the wee hours of morning, always startled and asking:

What time is it? 🤯⏰😳

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, Michael would wake up and watch me… typing in my sleep… 📇 yeah…. 😧


The tipping point came when we were having dinner at our favorite Thai 🇹🇭 restaurant.  I couldn’t help myself from yawning, trying so hard to be engaged in meaningful conversation…  my mind drawing a blank when asked for an opinion. 😴

I’d tell myself to breathe: in and out, in and out… instead, I proceeded to break down in tears… uncontrolled tears and raw emotion… to the point of full on sobbing.😓

“I’m exhausted!” I yelled out… while at the same time letting out the biggest sigh of my life…

Our Sabbatical plans were put into motion shortly after. 🤭

It’s not easy for someone that is Type A and slightly OCD to walk into her boss’ office and say: “I need to take a year off for myself, no real plans… just time for me“.

It’s actually nerve wracking!

More so, when you have a young, generous, incredibly driven and hard working human being as a boss! 😶

I will never forget his reaction… he smiled, being genuinely happy for me.  And then he frowned, telling me how much our team would miss me. 😓 He shared with me that he had recently met with his financial planner, that his life on paper was pretty close to perfect. 👍🏽

He had done all the right things: married the love 💗 of his life, had 3 beautiful children, a dream home and a very successful career…

However… he knew and he wished that he could spend more time with them, take more trips with them and just enjoy the little moments…


Fast forward a month and now we’re in the middle of packing, saying our goodbyes and tying up loose ends…  A glass of wine turns into a bottle 🍾. Your mind plays that sort of slow montage in your head as you look around and wish you could freeze time… ❄️

Then someone says:  “Why don’t they make that for adults…” 🤔

All of a sudden, your plans to leave the country and travel the world 🌍 need to be put on hold… because partnering up with two good friends and building a startup – may be -what the universe had in store for you… 🕉


From L.A., with Love ❤️!

XX- 💋S

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