The adVentuRe

I vividly remember how I felt, driving on the vast freeway from San Antonio to West Texas, watching the illuminated night train speed beside me. 🚂

It was very exhilarating, it almost felt like a race, a race I desperately wanted to win.

Ahead of me, a Fleetwood Pace Arrow 37c RV, driven by my one and only, Michael.  😍 That’s right, we had just purchased what would become our new home on wheels.

Hold up! Steph in an RV? 😮 Yep, you read that right!

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know by now that I’m more city 🌃 than country.  And to be honest with you, although the charm is greatly appreciated, I’ve always felt more alive in cities.

OUE SkySpace, DTLA

Long before we made the decision to take a break from corporate America, we joked (and I think Michael secretly dreamed) about taking a road trip throughout the United States. 🛣

Michael, being the great outdoors man he is, enjoys mountain biking, hiking and back-packing.  🧗🏼‍♂️ He even made me try on backpacks every time we “accidentally” ended up at Patagonia, North Face or REI– just in case! 😂


It was all fun and games until the time came to decide if it was possible to be active partners in a start-up based out of Los Angeles. 🤔

Our original plan for this Sabbatical was to move to South America, then Thailand, perhaps Spain after that.

However, once we decided to roll with the possibility that designing sustainable travel lounge wear, that’s also über comfy, could work; we knew staying in the US was a must.

At least until we proved the concept.  After all, the idea of having a successful start-up was a dream worth pursuing.💭

Fast forward to the search for the perfect RV…

If we had to stay in the United States, we would at least still travel & explore as much as possible.  😎

We could work remotely, video conference with our vendors, have late night FaceTime sessions with our partners, schedule around time zones.  Well… Why not? 🤨

As I sit here writing tonight, it’s been less than a week since we became “full time RV’ersssss.”  😜

The notion of having a house on wheels, walking the pups while asking, are you ready to go home? And then looking at the RV in the distance…  it’s all very surreal.

But so was my old life at times, and more often than not, I felt like I was in a race, a sort of rat race I would never be able to win. 😔

Our little start-up is pre-launching on Kickstarter right now and our design is aptly named rev’pod.

Rêve 💭 means dream in french.

revpod - dream the rev

Ultimately, it seems we’re all chasing the “American Dream”… it just happens our version is not the same as everyone else’s.

From the RV, with Love❤️

XX- 💋S

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