There’s always a Sacrifice

Subject is a bit dramatic, huh? Well, as I promised from the beginning, this blog is meant to be a sort of guide, so it needs to be real.  It’s much easier to post pretty pictures and write about the adventure. 🤭

The truth is, those are only snapshots of what’s really happening… and we all know it.

In the age of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, where our experiences are reduced to 280 characters, it has become the norm to want to highlight the best of the best.   Why wouldn’t we, it is a very special thing that we get to diary about the most exciting moments in our lives.🤩

Coldplay in concert at the Rose Bowl!

The dilemma then becomes, this diary is to be immortalized– not just stashed away in small pink (or blue) vinyl 📚notebooks, stored in our parent’s attic– so what memories do we potentially want the whole world to see?

Shortly after we embarked on this journey, a good friend of ours asked:

“Is it difficult to know what to do with yourself?  You used to have a routine, you got up every morning, got ready for work and drove to the office.  Now you have no “set time” to get up… or anywhere specific to go!” 😱

It certainly was an adjustment, especially for me – Michael had been in sales for the last 10 years, and he was better at doing his job in half the amount of time it would take others to do the same. 🤓 I had more of a grind and for the most part, I loved it.

My office in DTLA 🙂
I guess this is where the disconnect was for me.

My answer to that question was a resounding YES!  I was not used to having all this free time and it was driving me a bit insane! HAHA!! 🤣 That is, until our little side project took a life of its own.  You know, the start-up we partnered on, days before we left Los Angeles to “take a break.”

Many months have passed since that night and I can tell you, I have never worked so hard in my life.

You know the phrase (coined by Sir Winston Churchill and now loosely appropriated to fit our context) “it will take blood, sweat and tears” … yep, that’s exactly how we feel. 😅

Don’t get me wrong, the lessons we have acquired because it’s our business, are invaluable, but they also took sacrifice and more persistence than we thought possible.💪🏽

Herein lies the heart of my subject, working in corporate America sometimes felt like a sacrifice, but in the end, all that work would have been for someone else.

As I sit here writing this blog, our little start-up has made no money, 💸 but it has taught us many lessons.  The path has been designed and laid out, by us … our mistakes will be our own, but then again, so will our successes. 🙌🏽

From LA, with Love ❤️

XX- 💋S

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