A Need to Travel…

The first time I visited Paris I was 21 years old.  🤗 A fresh and budding adult, I chose a trip to Europe as my graduation present.  To my mom and dad’s surprise, I wasn’t planning on going with any friends in particular. 😮

I wanted to have this experience for myself…

Wide eyed and filled with wonder, we met with a travel agent who found the perfect match for my wanderlust.  😍 The company was Contiki, an adventure tour tailored to 18 – 35 year olds.

The tours were semi-structured, with hotels booked, transportation arranged and some planned meals.  The rest was up to you! 😎

I didn’t know it at the time, but this trip would end up being “the one” that would spark the fire inside me.

A need to see new places, meet new people and experience the world through other’s eyes… a need to travel. ✈️

When Michael and I first met, we quickly realized we shared this love ❤️ for exploration.

Our first adventure begun in Mexico🇲🇽 .  While attending a good friend’s wedding, our sunny Caribbean vacation turned into a Category 5 hurricane! 🙀

This was very scary, but it brought out our strengths as a team…

We were grateful ☺️ to have each other, not to mention, the rest of the wedding party was very happy I spoke fluent Spanish 😂

As the years went by, we would find ourselves planning trips instead of vacations. 🤔 Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy relaxing, but seem to choose the excursions over laying on the beach! 🚣🏽‍♂️🏝⛱

Lucky for us, the last 3 years have been filled with extraordinary trips!

Machu Picchu (Peru), La mitad del mundo (Ecuador), Paris, Barcelona, Ibiza, Venice, Rome, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phi Phi Islands (Thailand), Mandalay and Bagan (Myanmar).


You would think we had enough to do in Los Angeles; life there was certainly an adventure!

But L.A. is filled with people from all over the world 🌍 and you get a small taste of the diversity that surrounds us, should you choose to explore it. 🧐

Every time we returned, we found ourselves dearly missing the people we met but dreaming 💭about our next destination.

☝🏽The motto for this blog is that travel is a way to truly understand humankind…

That requires time and effort. So Michael & I realized, we just needed more time… ⏳

From Everywhere, with Love❤️!

XX- 💋S

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